1. 1.Why do I choose Art-Coding as the service provider?

    Due to the lower costs in China, Art-Coding offers you very competitive offshore outsourcing service prices. Our developers have proven longstanding track records and vast experiences in the console and PC game development industry, and their products have been approved by many top game developers and publishers. We also have a standard production process to meet your needs.

  2. 2.How do I know what’s going on as the project processes?

    Art-Coding use secure, powerful, scalable and flexible Alienbrain studio software to manage our client assets. You can check the task requirements, workflow status of project files and folders, project status report and give your feedback to our developers through Internet on a 24/7 basis. It is one of the primary responsibilities of the project manager to keep you updated.

  3. 3.How does Art-Coding communicate with customers?

    Art-Coding assigns a project manager for each project after signing the business contract, and the project manager communicates with you on daily basis through email, instant message and telephone. Your feedback though Alienbrain goes directly to our developers to ensure that your issues can be addressed at the first time. We also can send the project manager onsite at the planning and/or production stages if you require us to do so. Our official working language is English.

  4. 4.What if I'm not satisfied with the way the project is going?

    You can express your concerns to our project manager at any time. The most common complaints in our industry are that the project is running overtime, or that the client changes requirements when it receives the products.

    A common development trap is to become aware of the risk of a missed deadline only at the end of the project. Art-Coding’s strict adherence to iterative development helps us to avoid this trap. We track actual time required for each development task and compare it to estimated time. If we find that the project is taking more time than we expected, then we will hire more developers and/or ask our contractors to develop some assets.

    Ideally, all requirements are defined before the contract is signed. The problem is that often nobody, not even the client, knows all the requirements that should be until the products are delivered. When such new requirements arise, as they invariably do, we will discuss with you to find a suitable solution in terms of time and budget. As a service company, we fully understand that our success is based on your success and our goal is to establish a stable and long-term partnership with you.

  5. 5.How do I send a test work to Art-Coding?

    If you believe that a test work can help you to better understand Art-Coding’s product quality and service, we will be more than happy to do so. You can sort your assets in category and send us a character, an animal or a mapping for test.

  6. 6.How does Art-Coding develop sketch?

    You may provide us with only written descriptions, such as age, sex, height, occupation of a character, and Art-Coding searches reference information and create the asset. You may also provide us with reference picture to save our search time.

  7. 7.Who owns the assets?

    Art-Coding gets paid for services, so you own all the documentation and products. Art-Coding will ask for your permission before we show the asset to other clients and you will never be held hostage in another part of the world.

  8. 8.How Art-Coding manages relationships with customers?

    We have a common goal with our clients and our role is to provide services to support your successes. We have a transparent approach to our clients and we respect all your feedback or concerns you may have. Communication, collaboration and mutual trust are those of the primary success factors in offshore outsourcing.

  9. 9.How does Art-Coding price its projects?

    Art-Coding prices its projects according to the development effort required. There are two popular models:

    - Fixed Price Model – You gives us the requirements. Art-Coding estimates the time and resources involvement and comes to a fixed price. A project plan is made and the payments are linked to your approval of important deliverables. Any changes to the requirements are seen as ‘Change Request’ and are charged for the extra time required.

    - Resource Allocation Model – You gives us loose requirements. We give a ballpark time and resources involvement required. A basic project plan is made. All changes made to the requirements are included in the project’s scope – the project plan is accordingly modified. The resources used are billed on a monthly basis.