About us:Shanghai ArtCoding, a leading independent game developer in China, provides offshore outsourcing services to international game publishers, developers and independent studios for their outsourced projects on the PS2, Xbox, NGC consoles and PC platforms.

Founded by industry veterans from Ubisoft, ArtCoding is operated along western business practices. We have the capability and experience in providing our customers with best-quality and price-competitive services.

Our Mission: ArtCoding is totally committed to serve our customers with creative and the best quality work at competitive outsourcing prices. At ArtCoding, beautiful artwork, cutting-edge technology and a great sense of service come together to produce AAA games in due time. Our vision is to become the No. 1 choice of international studios for their outsourced game development needs.

We are looking to establish deep partnerships with game developers and publishers interested in outsourcing whole game development or portions in order to decrease development costs and time, but not at the expense of game quality.

Develop team: ArtCoding's developers have proven longstanding track records and vast experiences in the console and PC game development industry. All of our core team members have worked in management positions at Ubisoft Shanghai Studio for more than 5 years before establishing this company, and have participated in the production of the of the following titles: Splinter Cell PS2, Ghost Recon PS2, Rayman 3 GC, Raven Shield PS2, Echelon XBOX, F1 Championship PS2, Rayman Arena PSX and Rayman 2 PSX.

Artist: We have local top console game artists, their major are fine art and acquire perfect art feeling. They can work on extreme requirement with low polygon modeling of character, map, background, and still maintain high quality.

Programmer: Before joining ArtCoding, our programmer are from chief position, they have over 5 years console game development experience, they’re familiar with the graphic technology, AI, and online module. They worked for ubisoft on Rayman Arena PS2、Rayman3GC、Ghost Recon PS2 as chief programmer.

Business and cooperation: Since 2005 ArtCoding was certificated by Shanghai Municipal Economic and Information Commission, we’ve already worked with over 15 local/oversea game publicans and 100+ developers. Our efforts are recognized by NC soft, SEGA, 2K Games, ubisoft, netease, Tecent.

Besides,we’re one of 1st China Local developers who get PS2 development license .

Honor and Citification:
Apr,2004 PS2 Game Development License
Feb,2005 software company certification
Mar,2005 Member of Shanghai Multimedia Industry Association
Aug,2006 ISO9001:2000 certification
Nov,2008 High technology Cooperation certification
Dec,2008 Innovation Fund support by government
Dec,2008 R&D certification by PuDong Research& Development Center

Until 2012,ArtCoding acquired 27 IP ,22 software products, and 2 High-tech Achievement Transformation